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Zindagi Plus

Live to your potential.

healthAll of us have a chronological age - based on our date of birth. But did you know that you also have a "biological" age? This is your age based on your lifestyle i.e, habits you have developed since the day you were born.

Zindagi Plus assesses your health in terms of your nutritional and physical activity profile by using anthropometric measurements and other comprehensive tests.

Nutritional status determines the difference between an individual's chronological age and biological age. This is influenced by the quality and quantity of food intake as well as overall physical fitness.

The program provides a report of your body composition which compromises of fat, muscle mass and water content. Our counselors, guide you to achieve the optimum levels of converting fat into muscle.

The objective is to ensure that age does not creep up on you unexpectedly. Zindagi Plus helps you look better and feel better, giving you the confidence to live up to your potential.