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Wellness @ Vidal Health

Health management made simple.

Vidal Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd. is a health management & services company. Headquartered in Bangalore we have a pan India presence - our provider network covers 125 cites, and has over 1000 Diagnostic centers, 600 Doctors and Specialists, 150 Counselors, Nutritionists and Trainers.

We are the bridge between the providers of health care delivery and those who pay for it (i.e the Payers) - and we leverage our partnerships and aggregate the expertise of some of the best brand in the business to bring you holistic Wellness programs.

These programs are based on objective and clinical protocols. Each program follows a "Before / After" approach - i.e. it measures a key set of parameters and monitors your progress via a customized health dashboard. We work with a number of knowledge partners to ensure that these protocols are both, credible, and relevant to the Indian market.

Our wellness programs include health risk assessments, screening, nutrition counseling, stress counseling, tobacco cessation and many more.

Philosophically, we believe that counseling and support are the cornerstones of health managements. Our team of trained counselors and doctors will actively monitor your wellness score and help you improve the same.

We believe that knowledge is power and wellness is fun. All our programs include a strong component of awareness building and engagement activities to help you manage your health for the strategic asset that it is.