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Physically fit employees. Fiscally fit workspace.

healthPre-fit is a customized pre-employment medical screening to help employers proactively identify as well as manage health problems and risk factors within the incoming work force.

We provide a customized health check-up suited to organizational and regulatory requirements (if any). This program reduces opportunities for medical compensation payout, minimizes absenteeism and improves job performance, giving impetus to your company's growth.

Services under Pre-Fit include

  • Creation of customized health check packages
  • Administration for our pan-India network of diagnostic centers
  • End-to-end appointment management
  • Reviews of reports by our clinicians and proactive escalation of red flags
  • Reporting on key risk factors

Customized Pre Employment Health Check Plan
Access to Diagnostic centers Pan India


Appointment Management

Review of reports by clinical team to identify "Red Flags"

Summary Report to Employer