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Healthy Living

Prologue to a healthy life

healthHealthy Living promotes health lifestyle through various interactive media and events designed to create a high degree of employee engagements. Research shows that knowledge powers change in the behavior of your health.



Individuals who are regularly informed about healthy living with the help of various media such as, print, electronic and the internet - tend to adopt and stick to the healthiest living habits.
People who were better informed reported the highest consumption of fresh fruits, fish, leafy vegetables and lower consumption of less healthy food such as red meat

Source: Fondazione di Ricera e Cura in Italy; an epidemiological study of over 25,000 people, May 2012


Exposing people to regular information pertaining to wellness is the first step in breaking inertia around health habits. Healthy Living delivers a continuous stream of bite-sized, relevant information on health.

We use various channels for delivery of information and events, ex: posters, SMSes, E-zines, fitness challenges, newsletters, events, seminars and schemes. In addition there are contests and challenges to help create a sense of excitement and fun around wellness.

By spreading awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle we create a culture of wellness in your organization.