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Invest in your health.

healthA healthy body and mind are essential for a great life. Sound physical and mental health creates a positive attitude, enabling you to achieve peak performance in every sphere of life. Healthex provides you an easy-to-follow, practical wellness program. Unlike traditional check-ups which focus only on illnesses, our approach is holistic and trailed to your health needs.

Healthex is a comprehensive annual wellness solution which assesses your current state of well-being. We put you on a customized road-map to maintain and improve your health. The program is simple to implement and clinically validated by scientific research. To assess your health status, we organize screening tests and analyze your current profile. We also study your habits and aspects like emotional health, balance between work and life, frequency of travel, pollution exposure and your family's medical history.

The outcome is recorded as your "Healthex score" in a personalized wellness report. Our team of doctors and nutritionists counsel and follow up with you regularly to help you stay the course on your road-map to true wellness. That's how we ensure and sustain a healthy lifestyle for you.